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Waiting and Guessing the Appearance of the iPhone 11

Apple has homework that is so heavy in its efforts to face competition with Android smartphone manufacturers. Later in September 2019, Apple is scheduled to introduce the iPhone 2019, which could be called the iPhone 11.

What will it look like and what features it brings? For you loyal iPhone fans, you should be ready to accept the fact that the iPhone 2019 will not be much different from the iPhone X series, especially from the design sector.

Yes, based on leaks that can be accounted for, the design language of the iPhone 2019 is still the same as the iPhone X series. The most striking difference is in the camera sector, where the bulge of the camera module will be more extreme. The amount increases, from two to three.

Addition to these three cameras is indeed indispensable for Apple to be able to compete with Android flagship smartphones that are currently successful beyond the quality of iPhone cameras, especially in terms of shooting.

Last week, a schematic picture of the iPhone 11 was circulating which showed the frame and casing. There are three camera lenses in the upper left corner and a large hole in the middle. Some time later, a photo of a plate appeared that was exactly the same as the leaked scheme.

Allegedly strong, the plate is an original component of the iPhone 11 originating from the Foxconn factory. It could be stolen or accidentally leaked by someone inside Foxconn. Beyond its design, so far the new features that are almost certain in the latest iPhone are reverse charging and faster battery charging.

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