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This casing reveals the appeal of Vivo V15 Pro

Vivo earlier this year made a surprise by introducing Vivo APEX 2019 . One interesting thing, this smartphone has a futuristic design without any buttons. Yes! This smartphone bears a resemblance to Meizu Zero which was also introduced by Meizu some time ago.

Well! To pamper middle-class smartphone fans, Vivo is reportedly working on the successor of Vivo V11 Pro . It is estimated, this smartphone will be introduced by Vivo in early February 2019 in India.

Meanwhile, there are some media who write that the new smartphone made by Vivo will come with the name Vivo V12 Pro. While some other media claim that Vivo will name the new device Vivo V13 Pro.

But like “mystical stories” that have been circulating widely, number 13 is considered an unlucky number in several countries. Therefore, other speculations of Vivo will likely give the successor name of the Vivo V11 Pro the Vivo V15 Pro .

It makes sense if Vivo finally chooses V15 Pro. The reason is, smartphone manufacturers that also have the same parent as OPPO have used odd numbers for their V Series smartphones. Therefore, V14 Pro is not considered.

However, what’s interesting about this new Vivo V Series? Previous reports state that this smartphone will come with a front camera pop-up slider. Yes! Of course this reminds us of Vivo NEX, which has been perfect in the past year.

In addition, the Vivo V15 Pro is said to have three rear cameras. This is also in accordance with the leaked casing that recently appeared on the internet. From the casing we can see that there is a possibility that is most likely for the front camera cavity of the pop-up model.

Yes! Vivo will load the front camera pop-up model on the top right side. This is certainly a little different from Vivo NEX, which also has the same camera model, but is loaded on the upper left side. While the three rear cameras are positioned vertically in the upper left corner.

There is no fingerprint scanner on the back of the Vivo V15 Pro. Therefore, it can be said that the smartphone will still adopt fingerprint under display like the one on the Vivo V11 Pro. Moreover, these biometric security sensors are also increasingly popular.

On the right side, we can see that Vivo will put the Volume button and the Power (On / Off) button. While on the opposite side, there is one button that stands alone. Not yet known exactly what the function of the stand alone button.

Vivo V15 Pro seems promising in terms of design and features. However, there is no specification information that we can know. Because it is expected to launch at the beginning of next month, it is likely that in the next few weeks we will be treated to complete smartphone leaks.

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