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These are the 10 fastest Android smartphones in the AnTuTu version

AnTuTu has released a list of the 10 best performing Android smartphones in the global market for February 2019. This list has been compiled by considering the average benchmarking score of each smartphone between February 1 and 28 in the AnTuTu Benchmark v7 application.

AnTuTu claims that they have tested at least 1,000 units of each model that has been included in the top 10 list. We can see, the top position is occupied by the Samsung Galaxy S10 + which is powered by Exynos 9820 8nm .

The benchmark score achieved reached 332,850 points. Meanwhile, the Honor V20 was in second place with a benchmarking score reaching 305,599 points and third place was occupied by Huawei Mate 20 X with a benchmarking score reaching 304,588.

In the fourth position held by Huawei Mate 20 who recorded a benchmarking score reached 302,985. Meanwhile, in fifth place was occupied by Magic Honor 2 with a benchmarking score reaching 300,743. As we know, this Huawei and Honor smartphone is powered by Kirin 980 7nm .

The Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S,  which is powered by Snapdragon 845, is ranked sixth with a score of 298,007 points and OnePlus 6, ASUS ROG Phone and Xiaomi Mi 8 , each with seventh, eighth and ninth positions. Each score was 297,076, 297,037 and 297,001.

The Xiaomi Mi MIX 3, which is powered by Snapdragon 845, is tenth or the caretaker with a benchmarking score of 296,920 points. It is estimated, in March 2019 there will be a change in position with the presence of several smartphones that have been powered by Snapdragon 855 .

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