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OPINION: Large RAM on Smartphone, Good or Not Good?

We still remember exactly how ASUS successfully surprised us gadget lovers when they released ZenFone 2 ZE551ML . The smartphone with the Intel Atom chipset successfully stole the attention because it presented a very large RAM capacity at that time, 4 GB !

Does not stop there, ASUS also had to re-register its name as a manufacturer that successfully announced the first smartphone with 8 GB RAM: ZenFone AR . Of course the larger RAM capacity has a higher appeal for consumers.

RAM for iPhone Xs and Pixels 3

The question is, is the RAM capacity for that smartphone really needed? If we look at the two technology companies giant Google and Apple, both of them are still confident to make smartphones with RAM (read: to taste).

In 2018 Apple released iPhone Xs and Xs Max as its highest flagship. Interestingly both of them brought RAM capacity of only 4 GB. While another smartphone, the iPhone Xr, only has an odd 3GB of RAM .

Even so with Google. Introducing the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL duo, they also both still rely on 4GB RAM. Though the OS that is used is Android which many people claim is claimed to be more extravagant than the iOS RAM.

Are the iPhones and Pixels slow because they only have 4GB of RAM? The answer is no. For a year we have used an iPhone X with 3 GB of RAM, the smartphone has not experienced a decline in performance.

Similarly, Google Pixel 2 XL has also been used for the past year. With only 4 GB of RAM, the smartphone still feels tight until now. Indeed, sometimes there is a decrease in performance, but can return to the best performance.

xs vs pixel 3

Large RAM capacity

smartphone ram

Contrary to the two technology giants, other smartphone manufacturers are actually competing to create smartphones with high RAM capacity. Call it OnePlus, Xiaomi, ASUS, Huawei, Samsung, LG, Nokia, OPPO, to Meizu, all of them have smartphones with 8 GB RAM.

Even more horrendous, there are rumors that Xiaomi and OPPO are working on smartphones with 10 GB of RAM. OPPO will present Find X with a 10GB RAM variant . While Xiaomi will release Mi MIX 3 where one variant will have 10 GB of RAM .

Large RAM is needed?

oppo 10 gb

Now, is that RAM capacity that is really needed now? So why is Apple and Google still confident and can still create flagship smartphones with only 4 GB of RAM? It could be because Apple and Google are the creators of their own OS so they really understand how to maximize the performance of their OS without the need for large RAM .

It’s different with other manufacturers who often make their own user interfaces for homemade smartphones. They modify the pure Android OS so that the edges become heavier and need more RAM capacity .

Or is it true that RAM capacity is only used as a commodity for smartphone manufacturers to fight each other? In other words they make RAM capacity as a “tool” to attract the hearts of prospective customers easily and instantly. Whereas in fact the large RAM capacity is not yet fully needed.

If the prediction is correct, this means that we as consumers can be harmed. Because there is a price that must be paid by manufacturers to embed greater RAM capacity.

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