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This is FlexPai, the World’s First Folding Screen Smartphone!

If it’s not wrong, it’s been two years ago we heard that there would be a smartphone or tablet with a flexible folding screen. Samsung LG, and Lenovo are often mentioned to be the first to produce. In fact they are not.

The first folding screen smartphone in the world has now been officially introduced named FlexPai. Yes, this one brand is certainly still very strange to our ears. Whether it’s more suitable is called a smartphone or tablet, because this device has a 7.8-inch jumbo screen with a 4: 3 ratio.

But even if we want to call it a smartphone, it’s fine. Because the 7.8-inch screen size applies when the screen is stretched. Whereas when folded, the screen size is only 4 inches or half.

FlexPai uses screens with AMOLED panels. Inside it is stored the brain of Snapdragon 8150 which has a 7 nanometer fabrication. But it should be noted, the FlexPai design still looks like it’s not perfect. It could be because chasing wants to hold the title is the first

FlexPai has a thickness of 7.6 mm when stretched and 15.2 mm when folded. This device is claimed to be strongly folded and stretched up to 200 thousand times. Not to forget, there is also a 16 MP dual-camera + 20 MP for shooting.

Interested in buying? It is not stated when this device will go on sale first. What is certain is that you have to prepare US $ 1,300 or around IDR 19.5 million if you want to propose and take it home.

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