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Recorded at AnTuTu, Mate 20 Pro Achieves a Score of More Than 310K

Next week Huawei is ready to launch the Mate 20 Series . It is certain, this smartphone will come with Huawei’s latest chipset, the Kirin 980 . Then, what is the strength of the chipset produced through this 7nm process technology?

Back and forth, the brains in the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro, the Kirin 970, are able to compete with Qualcomm’s temptation chipset, the Snapdragon 845. So not a few hope that the Kirin 980 chipset will be more agile with Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro.

To prove this, Mate 20 Pro has recently appeared which has the model number LYA-L29 on the AnTuTu banchmarking site . As seen in the picture below, the AnTuTu list shows the Mate 20 Pro performance score supported by 128GB of RAM + GB + ROM.

In testing CPU and GPU, the scores achieved were 115,296 and 112,516. Not only that, AnTuTu also recorded scores from UX and Memory, each of which scored 69,456 and 16,293. Therefore, this smartphone managed to reach a total score of 313,561 .

As we know, most Android smartphones powered by Snapdragon 845 are able to score around 290k in AnTuTu. We can already see that the Mate 20 Pro benchmarking score reinforced by Kirin 980 is far superior to that of Snapdragon 845.

Apple recently released three new iPhones with the Apple A12 Bionoc brain. This chipset is also produced through 7nm process technology. Through benchmarking AnTuTu it was noted that the Apple chipset was able to score a score of 371010. Yes! far beat the Kirin 980 in the Mate 20 Pro.

But we must realize that the AnTuTu score achieved by Mate 20 Pro this time may come from a pre-production unit. Therefore, it is possible that when the unit is actually released, we can be more “fair” to compare it.

Mate 20 Pro itself will only be released on October 16, 2018 in London. This smartphone has an attraction that will be a selling tool. First is to have three rear cameras and the second, this smartphone will come with a fingerprint scanner on the screen and a 3D face scanner


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