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OnePlus will be the Pioneer of Snapdragon 855 Adoption

This week Qualcomm has a solid agenda in Hawaii, namely introducing its newest mobile SoC, Snapdragon 855 . Interestingly, at the event Qualcomm also provided an opportunity for OnePlus CEO , Pete Lau to deliver his presentation.

Yes! Finally, through the presentation described by Pete Lau, we can know that OnePlus has a big plan next year. The plan is to launch the first smartphone in which Snapdragon 855 has been entrenched.

Unfortunately, Pete Lau did not reveal what his first Snapdragon 855 smartphone was. But considering the Galaxy S10 Series which also uses Snapdragon 855 will launch early next year, this suggests the OnePlus smartphone will appear first.

There is a rumor about the OnePlus 5G device that was launched early next year. Yes! Chances will appear at the MWC 2019 event and this first device with Snapdragon 855 certainly brings 5G connectivity.

If so, it also includes one of the new Qualcomm 5G modems. OnePlus also mentioned that 5G devices that would support “super-fast internet” connectivity would be present in networks in Europe.

In addition, it is still unclear what this device will be called, but OnePlus has previously stated that the 5G device will not be called OnePlus 7. Instead, this device will be the “third” option from the smartphone range it introduced.

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