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Have 5 cameras, these are Nokia 9 photos

In recent years, the world of mobile photography has experienced a significant increase and leaders in this sector are Google, Huawei and Apple. Each product offers a variety of excellent features to help camera software make amazing photos.

MWC’s annual event is one of the places where smartphone vendors show the advantages of their products, including Nokia. In this event, Nokia is rumored to be exhibiting the Nokia 9 series which is equipped with five rear cameras.

Nearing the day of its appearance, Nokia’s senior social media division, Edoardo Cassina, posted a picture of a professional photographer named Konsta Pinkka. As is known, each photo posted on Instagram will automatically experience compression. However, there are some interesting things in this photo.

This beautiful photo is taken with the composition and timing that fits between the sun and the mountain behind it. The dark cloud above it balances the darkness in the atmosphere.

Apart from the composition, it seems difficult to capture the following images with an old smartphone due to exposure problems. In this photo the sunset light behind the mountain directly leads to the smartphone camera. Nokia 9 is able to show details and shadow from the top of the mountain.

The photo caption also states that this photo was taken and edited directly with the same smartphone. Unfortunately it is not known in more detail which lens to use, whether zoom, wide camera or other lens combinations.

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