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How to Turn an Android Smartphone into a Computer Mouse

As one of the smart devices, the use of smartphones is not just for browsing, playing games, or just photos. Smartphones with Android operating systems have a variety of features that you might never have expected before, one of which is to turn a smartphone into a computer Mouse.

If you ever forget to bring your mouse and have trouble controlling a computer or laptop kurson, you can use a smartphone controller with the help of the following application.

The way to turn Android into a mouse is fairly easy. Besides that you also don’t need to root the smartphone first.

Turn your Android Smartphone into a Computer Mouse

To do this, download the WiFi Mouse application and install it on Android and the WiFi Mouse Server software to install on your computer or laptop.

If both have been installed, make sure your Android smartphone and computer are on the same internet network, this is intended to facilitate use.

Next open the Mouse Server on the computer and also open WiFi Mouse on Android. If it’s already on the same internet network, the server can automatically be detected on the smartphone. Then you only need to connect it.

The following is an Android screen that can be used to control the mouse cursor on a computer or laptop.

In addition to the mouse cursor, you can also control the keyboard, browser, media player, presentation, file browser to turn off the computer directly from Android. Good luck!

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