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How to set up Google Play to be safely accessed by children

In this digital era, it is not new if children chat more with their favorite gadgets to just play games or watch movies. The Google Play Store service is already familiar, especially for children who use Android devices.

Google through the Play Store has a variety of interesting features that can be used for entertainment and learning children independently. Starting from games, applications, books, music to films. Even so, sometimes some parents are a little worried about their child’s activities on Android.

Fortunately, Google has provided special features to minimize things that parents might not want, this feature is called Parental Control.

To activate it quite easily, first enter the Play Store application then swipe left and select the Settings menu. Then look for the Parental control menu and click the On button. Parents will be asked to enter a PIN so that children cannot change this menu manually.

There are six age options that can be set, ranging from 3+, 7+, 12+, 16+, 18+ and without restrictions. If you choose the number 12+, then the application or game that can be downloaded on the device is only for 12 years and under. Above that age, the application will not appear on the search page.

Approximately like that how to activate the parent control feature to safeguard children on an Android device. By turning on this parental control feature, of course applications and games that tend to be dangerous or may contain adult content cannot be accessed.

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