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How to Change the Function of Smartphone Physical Buttons As You Wish

Every latest smartphone, especially those that adopt the full view design, generally have placed navigation buttons on the screen, such as the home button, back and recent apps. As for the physical buttons, usually there is only the power button, the volume goes up and the volume drops.

Although only three physical buttons are provided, there are currently several vendors who place additional buttons, such as the Bixby button at Samsung, Google Assistant at Pixel and Mi Assistant at Xioami.

These physical keys are usually made to do certain commands. But it turns out there is an application that allows us to adjust what the functions of the physical button are. In short, users can change the function of the volume, power and assistant buttons as desired.

This application is called Button Mapper . As the name implies, applications released by Flar2 can replace or add other functions to each physical button. Besides being able to be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store, Button Mapper can run on Android smartphones that have not been rooted.

How to use? First download the Button Mapper application and install it as usual on an Android smartphone. Then open the application and give Accessibility permission to run optimally.

A list of physical buttons that can be modified will appear, then select one of the buttons that you want to replace the function. The Button Mapper provides a myriad of interesting functions that you can immediately try. If there are fewer buttons, you can add them to the Add Buttons menu.

For example, we change the double tap function on the volume down button to access the flashlight. So when the volume button is pressed twice, the flashlight will automatically turn on, to turn it off just press the same key combination.

That’s how you change the function of the physical buttons on your smartphone as you wish. Although this application is free, there is a pro version that provides a variety of additional features.

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