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Samsung Galaxy Fold

Cool! Finally Samsung officially introduced its first folding screen smartphone that they called the Galaxy Fold . Yes! You could say, this smartphone is here to combine the potential of smartphones and tablet utilities that are truly real.

Gaalxy Fold is packed with a design that looks very elegant with a 4.6-inch external screen and when the fold is opened, users can get a wider screen, which is 7.3 inches. There are unique hinges with gears that are interconnected and make when the folds are opened or closed to be smooth.

Not only that, the hinges also get finisihing with special colors, making this device look very attractive. Applications that are opened on an external screen can also be enjoyed more comfortably on a wider screen. Yes! Everything is integrated.

In this case, Samsung has worked with Android developers and application developers, so that everything looks perfect. Interestingly, the Galaxy Fold’s wide screen allows users to run three applications at once.

For its innards, Galaxy Fold is built with “7nm SoC”, Snapdragon 855 . In addition, Samsung also immerses RAM that is not small, which is 12 GB and combines internal storage with a capacity of 512 GB (UFS 3.0 storage for faster booting). There are also two batteries with a capacity of 4,380 mAh.

In the camera sector, Samsung buried six cameras at once. There are three cameras on the back, 1 camera in front and 2 cameras when the user unfolds the Galaxy Fold. Yes! Galaxy Fold is now real, no longer a prototype.

Samsung itself promises that this device will be available starting April 26 2019. There are two variants offered, namely the LTE and 5G versions. For the price, Samsung sells Galaxy Fold ranging from US $ 1,980 . How, are you interested in having it?

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