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Mood Triggers App – Track Your Anxiety and Depression

Are you extremely depressed or full of anxiety right now? But cannot figure out the reason why?

Mood swings can always take you by surprise. That’s why, Mood Triggers is there to help you out.

Controlling mood swing is difficult

When mood swings hit, life suddenly feels surrounded with depressive uncertainties and anxieties. You feel reckless and volatile. Millions of Americans suffer from mood swings. Depression or mania are not good signs of healthy living. But with proper care and time, they can be controlled and brought to order.

With this in mind, the researchers at the Penn State University came up with an app that would help them gather more information on human anxiety and depression. This is another way to get relief from Stress just like these free coloring apps.

The Android based application will prompt you about your mood, your heart rate, sleep hours as well as your responses. Other than this, Mood Trigger track down complete information about your location and the number of incoming and outgoing texts / messages you receive every day. All your information, which will remain absolutely confidential, will be stored on a secure online server and locked offices to be used for further observation and research. In case of an event or publication, no identifiable information will be shared publicly.

You can download the app and participate in this research and help contribute towards building a better world.

Mood Triggers – An app that knows what’s causing your anxiety and depression

Changes in mood can happen due to a lot of other reasons, such as change in your daily routine or sleep, lack of self-esteem or poor sex drive. That’s why you need to check your behavioral pattern first.

Mood Triggers provides patients the opportunity to catch up with their mental health state and to deal with emotions in a better way.

This app is especially helpful for people suffering from –

  • Clinical anxiety and depression – like PTSD, OCD, specific phobia, major depression, panic disorder, anxiety disorder, dysthymia, etc
  • Depressive disorder symptoms – like dysthymia, anhedonia, feeling hopelessness, sad, sleep, lethargy, fatigue, low energy, anxiety disorders
  • Social anxiety disorders – like avoiding social interaction with people and staying numb
  • Moody and temperamental attitude – they can use the app to check out what drives their mood changes

The app will help you to systematically track down your mood changes by running a series of surveys and analyses. You can use this app to find many health benefits like improving self-awareness of your mood, increasing self-efficiency, self-esteem and self-empowerment and leading a healthy life.

If you are visiting a therapist/ a psychologist, then you can provide your specialist with a quick report about your health behaviors from the app. This can help them get insights behind your frequent mood swings.

Take the Three-Stage Test with Mood Triggers

The app runs a statistical diagnosis on the user through an hourly test analysis survey. After installing the app, users will have to undergo through three interactive stages of test after which the data would be used to extract valuable information about your mood –

Stage 1: The QA Round

In the first round, users will have to answer a series of 34 sets of questions, each of which is related to one’s daily emotional behavior. Choose your answer out of the options provided in order to proceed to answer the next question.

Through this interactive mechanism, Mood Triggers will calculate and measure the degree of anxiety, depression, hopelessness, helplessness, fatigue, negative and positive events, avoidance, valence, self-reported arousal and casual attribution experienced by the user.

You can click on the ‘Results’ option on the dashboard to view this data.

The emotional data is presented in correlative ranking order, indicating the percentage of relation between each mood trigger.

For each survey test you take, Mood Triggers will present you with a new set of emotional data information. You can conduct the test on an hourly basis to create a complete mood behavior report that you can keep track of whenever you need to.

Stage 2: Heart Rate Monitor

In this stage, users can measure their heart rate in real time. All they have to do is follow the instructions provided by the app and click to start measuring their heart rate.

While the app monitors your heart rate, you can view everything from your mobile screen. There is also a small camera inset window where you can preview whether or not your index finger is properly placed over the camera of your phone.

If your finger is not properly placed over the camera, then you will be indicated to place your finger on the right spot of the camera.

This data will then be directly transferred to the dashboard from where users can directly view their heart rate result.

Stage 3: Attention Bias

The Attention Bias is the third and the final stage before users can get to view their complete test analysis report straight from Mood Trigger’s dashboard.

In this stage, users will be tested on the basis of their degree of attentiveness and responsiveness. A series of 6 photos of people bearing two different expressions would be shown side by side. Each of the pictures will be displayed only for a second before the next one appears.

After each photo appears and then disappears, a dot will appear to take its place on the screen. Users will need to follow the expressions and then click on the dot that will appear on screen.

Compared to the other two stages, the third stage demands a high degree of attentiveness and responsiveness from the user.

When users successfully complete all the three stages, they can view these results from the dashboard, where everything is segmented accordingly.

Other Features of Mood Triggers App

  • Sleep Tracker

Sleep is an important factor that can affect your mood. With the Mood Trigger app, you can now track the hours that you get to sleep everyday. To track your sleep go to the dashboard and click on the menu bar located at the top right corner. Start tracking yoru sleep by following the instructions given.

  • Steps

In addition to features that help you track your mental health condition, you can also maintain a healthy life by checking the number of steps you take every day.

Exercise can debust stress and boost up your mood and energy level. According to psychologists, a 10-minute walk can be as good as a 45-minute workout. But the benefits of exercise go beyond that.

Over 40 million adults in the U.S. suffer from anxiety disorders. Exercises help the human brain to cope with stress better. According to a study, people who exercise vigorously are 25 percent less likely to suffer from anxiety disorder or depression over the next five years.

  • Weather

Need to check the weather outside before you begin your exercise?


Mastering moods takes practice just like musical scales, free throws and sales pitches. And it starts with noticing the signs.

Immediate signs can tell you a lot about your mind and your mood. Even if you are visiting a medical health professional, you will be asked to observe your daily behavioral patterns.

You can keep a separate journal to note down your mood changes or ask someone in your family to observe your behavioral patterns. But if none of those apply, probably because you have a tight schedule or because no one is there to look after you, then Mood Triggers is what you need. Download the app today and make Mood Triggers your daily habit.

So what are you waiting for?

Download this cool new app now!

You can do that directly from the following links below –

Google Play Store:

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