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Huawei Nova 2 Lite Review: The New Teaser Smartphone

When holding the first time, this smartphone is pretty good grasped and the weight is also lightweight, only 155 grams thanks to the metal and plastic materials it uses. The body is a bit slippery also make it easier when it wants to be stored in a pants pocket.
In Indonesia, nova 2 lite has two color choices, namely Black and Blue. The unit that we reviewed is black, we recommend to use kasing because both variants are classified as fingerprint magnet, especially for the choice of blue color.
When viewed at a glance, the front of Nova 2 Lite is not much different from nova 2i. At the top of the earpiece, flash lights, front camera and LED notification next to it.
While the bottom only printed Huawei logo with the placement of the navigation buttons in the screen. Huawei also still provides 3.5 mm audio jack that is placed adjacent to the microUSB port and speakers.

Turning to the back, there is a horizontal camera-shaped dual module that integrates with flash, fingerprint sensor in the center of the body and Huawei logo on the bottom. Volume and power buttons are on the right side, while the left side can be filled with two SIM cards and microSD active at the same time.

Continuing to the screen, as the successor of nova 2i, nova 2 lite both use full view screen which has 18: 9 aspect ratio. 5.99-inch screen is supported by IPS panel HD resolution 720 x 1.440 pixels.

Both indoor or outdoor use of the screen can display sharp objects and colors. It’s just, auto brightness feature somewhat less rapid response to changes in light. So sometimes we have to adjust the brightness level manually.


Although classified as a new smartphone present in Indonesia, the unit that we review is using the display of 8.0.0-based EMUI Android 8.0 Oreo. With standard usage, the average user interface consumes more than 60 percent of RAM, or about 1.7 GB.

Nova 2 Lite does not have App Drawer, so all apps that are downloaded will go straight into the homescreen. When you double-click on an empty page, there are settings to change the wallpaper, widgets, transitions and activate Huawei’s built-in HiBoard feature.

There are at least three excellent features in Nova 2 Lite, including dual Bluetooth connectivity to connect with two Bluetooth devices, WiFi Bridge to share hotspots even though we are connected to a WiFi network and one of the preferred features of gamers, the Game Suite.

Game Suite will automatically identify the list of games already installed on the smartphone. In the performance settings, you can choose the Gaming mode option so that smartphone performance when used game play does not go down, it’s just the power consumption will increase. And uninterrupted gaming so as not to be disturbed by any notifications except alarm, phone and battery.

For security, in addition to embed standard security features such as fingerprint, password and PIN, you can also add a face scanner to unlock it. In our opinion, the face unlock feature has a mediocre response and is not very effective when used in low light room.

If most fingerprints can only be used to unlock, in Nova 2 Lite, you can do other things, like taking photos and videos, answering phone calls, stopping alarms, displaying notification panels and making it easier while browsing the gallery. All these features can you enable manually in the Fingerprint ID menu in Settings.

Other conveniences offered Nova 2 Lite is Pin App Shortcuts and One Touch Access. Like the 3D Touch on Apple devices, you can bring up other menus available in one of the applications.

Remarkably, the menu can instantly you create a shortcut to be placed on the home screen. While the One Touch Access feature to bring up the Assistive Touch button that can be used instead of the navigation bar.


Made for novice users, Huawei Nova 2 Lite is powered by Qualcomm snapdragon 430 chipset of eight 1.4 GHz core integrated with Adreno 505 graphics processor. Got 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB internal memory, according to our performance is quite satisfactory. When tested benchmark with AnTuTu version 7, Nova 2 Lite managed to score an overall score of 58 thousand points.

When tested playing light games like Mobile Legends, Clash Royale and Arena of Valor can still run on low to medium graphics. While middle-class games such as PUBG Mobile, Lineage 2 Revolution and Vainglory can still run with low graphics, but several times lag and not infrequently also force close due to overheat.

Switching to the battery, Huawei Nova 2 Lite equipped Li-ion battery plant of 3,000 mAh. For charging from empty to full using the default charger takes at least three hours because this smartphone does not have the features of fast charging.

For everyday use such as opening social media, chatting, watching YouTube and playing games occasionally, the screen on time is 4.5 hours. For longer battery life, Huawei has provided Power Saving Mode feature to limit application activity in background and Ultra Power Saving Mode to choose any application that can run.

Nova 2 Lite has one speaker located at the bottom. Laying the speakers is quite good, because it is not closed hands when used in landscape position. There is also Huawei Histen feature to set Equalizer and 3D audio, but this feature can only be activated when using the headset only.


Entering the photography segment, Nova 2 Lite is equipped with three camera modules with two 13 MP + 2 MP lens configurations for rear camera and one 8 MP selfie camera.

Excellent features in the rear camera is Wide Aperture and Beautify. This feature allows the user to take a picture and re-edit its focus point with adjustable aperture, ranging from 1 to 7. The lower the aperture, the background image will blur.

While the Beautify feature can be set up to ten levels. But we recommend to use up to a maximum of six levels just so the results are not too much different from the original.

While slides to the side, you can find several other modes that can be used, such as HDR to produce color rich images, 1.080p video, Panorama, Filters, Watermark, Document Scan and Good Food for culinary enthusiast photography.

In our opinion, the camera is able to produce sharp images when used in places with plenty of light. But vice versa when photos in places with limited light, more noise and less blur. The absence of manual mode feature also seems quite difficult if you want to produce photos that want to set according to taste.

Continuing to the front camera, beautify features available with 10 levels of beauty. If you want selfie in dark place, have provided LED Flash button which can be activated auto or manual. As for the other modes are disugukan like Panorama, 720p video, filter and watermark.

Nova 2 lite is priced at Rp2.599.000 has not provided features that are classified as “wow” than smartphones with the same price. Even so, the benefits of Wide Aperture feature to produce bokeh effects through the camera behind it can be one reason to buy this smartphone.

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