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Android Q Beta 1 Arrives, Only Pixels Can Be Tasted

Good news again visiting the Google Pixel Series smartphone users. Yes! Google recently released the first edition of Android Q for Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 2, Pixel XL and Pixel . Beta builds can be installed on Pixel devices by registering on the Android Beta Program.

Previously, the first preview version of the predecessor Android version could only be installed through a manual process because it was intended for developers. However, the first preview of Android Q is a little different, which can be received through Over the Air aka OTA.

Android Q Beta 1 is intended for developers who aim to test their applications for the new Android version. Coming to Pixel, this smartphone from Google was promised to receive an Android OS update for 2 years.

However, it is very surprising if the arrival of Android Q also visited Pixel and Pixel XL. As we know, the two smartphones powered by the Snapdragon 821 chipset came in 2016. This means that the smartphone itself is almost 3 years old.

In the upcoming May 2019, Google will hold Google I / O 2019 . It is estimated, the Mountain View technology giant will announce the latest features loaded into Android Q as the successor of Android 9 Pie .

Google itself will release Android Q up to six editions. The first edition will come in March this year and the second will arrive in April. Development of the third edition will be released in May and the fourth will be released in June.

The four builds are intended for testing while Beta 5 and Beta 6 will lead to the release of candidates. The final edition or final of the Android Q is scheduled to arrive in the third quarter of this year. Therefore, we are waiting for all the latest features to be loaded by Google into Android Q.

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