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5 Ways to Track Smartphone IMEI Numbers

Every cellphone produced by a manufacturer, be it cheap cellphones to sophisticated smartphones has a special identity commonly known as the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). IMEi numbers usually consist of 15 to 16 digits and cellular operators use them to find out which devices are connected to the network.

In addition, the IMEI function can also be used to block cellphones that have been stolen from a network to track the cellphone. Because this IMEI is considered one of the important things. You need to know how the IMEI is located so that one day it’s easy to find it. Where is the IMEI located?

1. Press * # 06

This method is proven to be effective for finding IMEI locations. Not only can be used on modern smartphones, pressing the key combination * # 06 # on the phone call menu can already be done on an old cellphone and automatically the IMEI number will appear on the screen.

2. Settings menu

Both smartphones with Android or iOS operating systems generally include an IMEI number that can be found in the settings menu. The method is quite easy, for iPhone devices you can access the Settings menu> General> About. Whereas for Android in Settings> About Phone> Status (but the location may differ depending on smartphone brand).

3. Printed behind

Some smartphone vendors do intentionally print the IMEI number on the back, for example the Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6. But now the opposite is happening, they want to make the back of the smartphone as clean as possible.

4. Sales box

In each sales box there are various special information about the smartphone. You can look around the box to eat will find the IMEI number and serial number. The IMEI number in the normal box is used to simplify the sorting of sales or when the smartphone is lost.

5. Check in the SIM slot

Sim card slot that has a print IMEI is rather rare. But it is true that there are manufacturers who deliberately put the IMEI number in the placement section

That’s how to find the location of the IMEI on a smartphone device. This method of course may apply to other devices, such as smartwatch, action cam and other supporting accessories.

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